Friday, December 16, 2011

Pop up your conversation with Pop Phone!!!

Phone trends has changed over the years since 1922 ranging from huge phones to pocket sized phones and now we have the smartphones! How cool is that right? But it is not enough! WE WANT MORE!!!!

Fear no more!!

Thanks to the latest invention of Pop Phone by Native Union. It is the most trendy invention up to date by spicing up the old school telephone's handset with numerous striking color! How cool is that!

It's easy to use and convenient! Just plug your awesome Pop Phone in to your fancy gadgets which is compatible with your iPhones, iPads, Blackberry and other smartphones and be the trend setter to your peers.

Set aside being the cute outlook, it ELIMINATES 99% of phone radiation! Say bye bye to headache/warm ears/fried brain and hello to longer hours of chatting on the phone. Besides that, it has noise reduction system in these awesome Pop Phones! Say no more to these distractions from ruining your precious conversations.

With its cool features and trendy personality, it can really solve my problem when I am talking on the phone in the club. I bet you know my pain!!

Don't be silly thinking that it is too huge and it's too old school!! Famous celebs are using it and are proud to flaunt this beauty of Pop Phone in and around of Hollywood. See for yourself...

Want to get your hand on these babies and don't know where should you get it from?

Hakuna matata! (there are no worries) as you can purchase it from!

Oh! Have I not tell you that they are having a Pop&Pose contest which you can stand a chance to win yourself a trip to Japan or Bali for two people or an iPad 2!

So hurry up and purchase yourself these wonder and snap a picture of yourself with it and submit it to and let the voting begin!! So hurry up before the voting ends at 3pm on 25th December 2011!!!

So what are you waiting for? This Pop Phones can be your perfect Christmas present to others and stand a chance to win yourself a trip or an iPad 2 and such a perfect Christmas present to you such a win-win situation!

Remember Pop&Pose!!!!

Toodles xoxo

Friday, August 5, 2011

Movie marathon in August!

Well well, it's that month of the year that I am finally free, which is to hand in my thesis on the 12th August (coming real soon). And lines of good movie coming in.

As for August, I've watched Wu Xia with my sister and mom. To be honest, that was a pretty darn good movie. The editorial were good and my oh my their special effect were "chun". The story was awesome filled with thrill, and kung fu kicks by the awesome Donnie Yen. Oh and the scenery on the village were nice as well. And pretty gory if you walk into the movie with your full stomach. Ha! Won't tell you why but it's just a warning to those who are afraid of blood, bugs and disgusting stuff.

Other than that, the movies that I will be watching after I've submitted my thesis are Cowboys And Aliens starred by my oh so sexy Mr. Bond... Daniel Craig! Damn, his body is more rock solid banging as compared to the Casino Royale. OMG! Can't wait!!!!

And next would be Horrible Bosses. It's a comedy with a little twist of 18SX. Hahahaha can't wait! Okay something more PG rated would be the return of my Disney movie, Cars 2! Yay!

Okay enough of kung fu, sci-fi, animated and comedy movies, time for some thriller and horror to make a perfect combination for this August.

As for the horror, it would be Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark. It's something that I won't tell and you gotta Google for it. (No spoiler atmosphere okay).

Last but not least *drum roll please* it's the anticipated Final Destination 5 and best of all it comes in 3D! Yay! But to be honest people, the previous Final Destination that I've watched in 3D, the effect were disappointing. Seesh... Avatar and How To Train Your Dragon has the best 3D effect thus far (personally).

Alright people, these are the list of movies that I will be catching during the month of August. Now off to do my thesis. Yay me!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hey people!

Just a little snippet of my life. To continue from the previous post, I was back from Bangkok then ladida finals and head to Guangzhou with family.

I am loving the idea of trips in the beginning and end of the month. It's exciting but the packing and unloading stuffs I got from abroad is not cool. Well, that's life and I shouldn't be complaining. Teehee.

Well well, right now I am in the midst of my thesis. To be honest, I am so freaking last minute. Juggling my short semester with a work and loads of shopping and outing (I plead guilty on this) and my poor time management and neglecting my thesis. I shouldn't have done that. At times, well most of the time I hate myself for being a good planner but fail to follow my plans!! How annoying is that right?

Anyways, it's just few more days left till my thesis submission (wish me luck xxoxox) and I don't think I have the time to send my draft to my supervisor, Dr. Goh Chee Leong which is the Dean of Department of Psychology,

Talking about him, I love him way before I started my Psychology Degree. I was attracted by his charisma and his cute and cuddly (because he is a very small size guy) and his eyes were sooo small! Then he was my lecturer for 3 classes in total in my entire 3 years of Psychology. In my first year he was my Introduction to Psychology lecturer and head on to Year 2 who's my Social Psychology lecturer and on to Year 3 he was my Organisational Psychology lecturer. And my group assignment were 200 over pages of intense stuff. Oh that semester made me to depend on coffee and few months later worsen my gastric. -.- With that it leads into my interest into Industrial Organisational Psychology. Which ends up my thesis topic it "The Relationship of Employee Salary and Absenteeism with Job Satisfaction".

To be honest, he is a very nice lecturer but when it comes to supervising for thesis. It's all hands on!!! HANDS ON I tell you! And he is a very busy busy man so I have to be fast to set an appointment with or at times I knew which day and time he'll be in the office and I'll just knock on his door. Though it's a little rude, but I am being desperate. Those seniors always commented on my choice of my topic and supervisor saying that he's nice but very stingy and has high expectations towards his students. Well, should I feel happy or sad. But I am so proud of myself that I made this far and just a tiny push and I am good to go! Oh and best of all, I asked him about SPSS and he said that he wasn't sure about. What? A Dean who is not so familiar with SPSS? Then who computed the data for him when he did his research? That's when Research Assistant comes in I'd guess.


I know that this is a long and boring post. Even by writing this I am depressing because it's so boring filled with work and work! I promise, after I've submitted my thesis. I will update about Bangkok and Guangzhou and anything in between!!!!

Hahahaha off to read my journals again. Yay! I LOVE YOU THESIS!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I am not dead yet.

Aloha.... Apparently, I am not dead yet. *yahoo* Was busy as per usual balancing my study/leisure time and not along came work... Hahaha

Was working in an American company: ServiceSource International. I've met great people over there and the experience is excellent.

I have done so many things for the past months and it will be insane to blah it all out right? first of all, I can't remember all the details. Boohoo....

Anyhow, finals is coming which is on the 11th July 2011 and I am going to Bangkok with my second sister for a shopping cum shopping spree cum pre-exam gateaway. It's her 24th birthday and I am going to trash her real hard since I hears the alcohol in Bangkok is dirt cheap. Haa and there's a post-exam trip for me to China with family. I am really blessed.

Anyhoo, I am blessed with my family and close friends crafting smile non-stop throughout my downfalls.

And my thesis deadline is 12th AUGUST 2011 and I am going to give myself a trip to Penang and a visit to my dear friend.

Till then,

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I want to go Paris so bad!! So so bad! It's so romantic... And to top that up, I'd love to go for the World Tulip Festival which I drool when I look at those thousands and thousands beds of tulips. I can see myself sleeping on them and playing angel! Whheet! It has been few years that I told Wai E that I want to go to these places that I mentioned and he said he'll bring me on my 21st bday but study schedule very the potong! Then told Sasi abt France and gosh she love it there too especially Paris... And since dad is going to give me a graduation trip which has no expiry date so I thought of going there with my love ones. Seriously it will be so so nice! But most probably I'll go there when I started working cause more money for myself to shop! And I don't have to leech on my dad's fortune. I felt like an ass when I do so.

I love travelling but sometimes I can't get what I want. Gah. And holiday wasn't a holiday for me. Was working and I ain't whining. But what I am upset abt is that I didn't give time for myself to rest and travelling. I love that cause it eases up my mind with all the hustle and bustle of my life. :( I really really hope tht at least I get a Christmas trip at least! *cross fingers*