Friday, December 16, 2011

Pop up your conversation with Pop Phone!!!

Phone trends has changed over the years since 1922 ranging from huge phones to pocket sized phones and now we have the smartphones! How cool is that right? But it is not enough! WE WANT MORE!!!!

Fear no more!!

Thanks to the latest invention of Pop Phone by Native Union. It is the most trendy invention up to date by spicing up the old school telephone's handset with numerous striking color! How cool is that!

It's easy to use and convenient! Just plug your awesome Pop Phone in to your fancy gadgets which is compatible with your iPhones, iPads, Blackberry and other smartphones and be the trend setter to your peers.

Set aside being the cute outlook, it ELIMINATES 99% of phone radiation! Say bye bye to headache/warm ears/fried brain and hello to longer hours of chatting on the phone. Besides that, it has noise reduction system in these awesome Pop Phones! Say no more to these distractions from ruining your precious conversations.

With its cool features and trendy personality, it can really solve my problem when I am talking on the phone in the club. I bet you know my pain!!

Don't be silly thinking that it is too huge and it's too old school!! Famous celebs are using it and are proud to flaunt this beauty of Pop Phone in and around of Hollywood. See for yourself...

Want to get your hand on these babies and don't know where should you get it from?

Hakuna matata! (there are no worries) as you can purchase it from!

Oh! Have I not tell you that they are having a Pop&Pose contest which you can stand a chance to win yourself a trip to Japan or Bali for two people or an iPad 2!

So hurry up and purchase yourself these wonder and snap a picture of yourself with it and submit it to and let the voting begin!! So hurry up before the voting ends at 3pm on 25th December 2011!!!

So what are you waiting for? This Pop Phones can be your perfect Christmas present to others and stand a chance to win yourself a trip or an iPad 2 and such a perfect Christmas present to you such a win-win situation!

Remember Pop&Pose!!!!

Toodles xoxo

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